Friday, July 13, 2012

Wow, What a Morning...

2:00 am.... Greg is flipping and flopping in the bed and wakes me up... "Go check your blood suger." (we went through this the night before btw!!) Of course, it was low. Nothing a little DP and a poptart won't  fix...

2:15 am.... Back in bed...

3:30 am.... I'm up.. throwing up.. BLAH... **sorry, I know, mental picture**

between 3:30 and 6:30 up 3 times to get sick!

6:45 am.... Courtlynn wakes me up

7:45 am... (this is where it gets REALLY good, blah)... I smell something.. It's hidious! I try looking for the dog, because she's the ONLY one in the house that can make that kinda smell. She's in Braxton's room (side note: it's so cute, she doesn't leave his side here lately. His little guard dog!!).. I look high and low and even in the play cottage for poo.. NOWHERE.. Then, from my sweet little boy, who is still in bed, I hear, "Poo Poo, ewww" I go over to his bed and the smell hits me like a ton of bricks and his hands have dried poo on them.. Okay, I'll skip the rest (it was GREAT!!) and just say that he went straight to the bath. THIS is how my morning is going.. but hey, at least Emma slept until 9:20 and the girls are being good..

Here is Mr. B after I got his hands washed up, right before the diaper change, and shortly before the bath!

**Look how happy he looks of himself**

And this is how I found my sweet girls after B's bath.. aren't they so flippin cute!?!?!?! (btw, Corina, if you are reading this, I have Kaylee's pillow and blanket!!)

**See they love each other, every once in a while**

Another side note: I promise my children aren't always naked! Looking back on the last couple of posts, they are half clothed! They like sleeping without shirts on, and sometimes most of the time, I just let them stay like that if we aren't going anywhere.. Hey, don't judge, it saves on laundry! :)

Have a bless day!

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  1. Haha Oh Braxton!!! What a crazy boy! I'm surprised all that poo smell didn't make you throw up again. :-( Hope you're feeling better. Maybe it was something you ate?