Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weekend Wrapup 7/21-7/22..

Wow, I was BUSY yesterday and didn't get to the weekend round up!! oops! Well, I might be a little busy this week and might be late on blogging because on THIS Sunday my baby girl, Courtlynn, will be....


so, I am going to have alot of planning and making to do. She has never had a BIG turn out to any of her parties, so this year I sent out 14 invites for a party on Sunday evening. Now I have 22 kiddos going to be there and 48 people in total!!! I have 22 Mickey/Minnie ears to make before Sunday!! Good thing I have an AWESOME mom and she is going to come over and help me tonight (Tuesday), but, anyways, I'm getting ahead of myself... Back to the weekend...

Saturday, Greg had to take his mom to the airport early so she could catch her flight to Miami and fly out to Ecuador. She's going to be gone for a week doing missions there. When he got back, I needed to go to Joann's Crafts for some things for some things for Courtlynn's birthday and Hobby Lobby for an order that I need to fill. On the way back,  there were so many garage sale signs. There was one going on close to our house, so I decided to stop. We pulled up and there was a dressing table JUST LIKE MY GRAMMIES!! When she was in her first assisted living, she sold her Ethan Allen dressing table that matched the rest of her bedroom set for soda money!!! Anyways, I have her dresser now that I'm turning into a buffet table and I wanted this dressing table to use as a sewing table. I got out and asked the man how much he wanted for it and he look straight at me and said, "I don't think you can afford it." You have to know the housing development that we were in, he could have been straight up serious, but then he started laughing and told me $1!!!! SOLD! So, now I have a dressing table just like Grammie's. Greg and I thought it would be so funny if, somehow, that WAS her dressing table and it made it's way back to me. I haven't gone through the drawers or anything, but she use to put her initials all over stuff. It would be so cool to open a drawer and see "JLB" or a stick of iced pink lipstick.. Oh, I miss you Grammie!!!

After the garage sale, Sally (Sunday school teacher's wife) came and picked me up to head up to the church. We were having LADIES DAY OUT!!! Woohoo! There were 7 of us going to Grapevine to go shopping, dinner, and the Opry. It was so much fun. I only bought 1 thing, but I can't post a picture of it because it's a surprise to one of my readers, Laura. Her little girl is due soon and I'm going to be doing a newborn shoot for her, so I had to pick something sweet up for her! :) The Opry was fun and it was GREAT to get out on a girls night, but I can't wait till Greg and I have a night!! Maybe next weekend!! 

Sunday was church and then Mama, Daddy, and Bryan came over and Bryan made spaghetti. The adults say around and talked while the kids took naps and then we went swimming for a while. At 7:00 I had a photo shoot with a sweet family (pics to come in separate post). Sunday was a very relaxing day. It was much welcomed after such a busy day on Saturday and being out in the heat all day the day before.

That was our "exciting" weekend.. Hope I didn't bore you too bad. :)

Have a blessed week!

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