Thursday, July 26, 2012

Some of this, some of that, and HOLY COW IT'S HOT!

Let me just tell ya....

I'm tired of the heat!!!!
I'm tired of setting the thermostat on 79 degrees and it STILL running non-stop!!!!
I'm tired of sweating inside my own house!!!!
I'm tired of not being able to leave the house in fear that I'll sweat away to nothing!! **wait that wouldn't be such a bad thing!!!!
I'm tired of the seat belts being too hot for the kids!!!!
I'm tired of being tired because it's too hot to sleep!!!!

Okay, I'm done whining, but SERIOUSLY, I'm ready for the fall!

I have MIA for a few days and I'll tell ya why...

I will have a THREE year old in THREE days! That means I had 22 Mickey/Minnie ears to home make!! Do you know how long it takes to make Mickey/Minnie ears?!?!?! Luckily, I have an AWESOME mom and she came over on Tuesday to help me bust them out. I still have the bows to put on the Minnie ears, but, other than that, I'm done! I have been shopping for all the supplies I need, Greg is picking up the Mickey/Minnie cookie cutter from the Sis Inlaw as I type, Cupcakes will be made Saturday, and I think we are ready.

Come on Sunday!

After Sunday it's all down hill from there for the rest of the year for us.. here's a break down...

July 29th- Courtlynn's Birthday
September 20th- My Birthday
September 30th- Greg's and My Anniversary
October 3rd- Emma's Birthday
October 11th- Greg's Birthday
October 31- Halloween
November 22nd- Thanksgiving
December 20th- Braxton's Birthday
December 25th- Christmas
December 27th-January 5th ECUADOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAHAHA.. Did you notice how I through that last one in.. That's right, I'm going back to Ecuador!! I cannot wait. My brother was talking to everyone last night that went on the 2 teams about going back after Christmas to follow up with the villages that we went to, check on the college ministry, and New Year's Eve throw a HUGE Christian concert/event! I'm STOKED! When Bryan was talking about it, it was like God was saying, "Get your passport ready, you're going." Greg is so supportive! We got in the car last night to come home and I told him how I felt and he said he'll work from home and God will provide the money! I CAN'T WAIT!!!

So, in other news, GREG AND I HAVE A DATE NIGHT TOMORROW NIGHT!!! Yes, this is HUGE news! We have not had a date night in 6 weeks!! He is taking me to dinner, to see the new Madea movie and then to Yogurt Cup! I can't wait for uninterrupted Mommy and Daddy time! **Shout out to that AWESOME mom I was talking about earlier and my dad for being FREE babysitters!!**

I've been looking for a company/someone to invest $1000-$1500 in the business, shopping round for props and backgrounds, and learning LOTS about my camera. I have 2 sessions booked for the 1st week I'm open at the studio, and God is still providing. We are doing good.

As far as the investigation, we are still waiting on the toxicology reports. It seems like it's been so long ago, yet it seems like yesterday. I know I haven't said much about it here lately and I've been trying to keep busy, but please continue to pray for the Brannon family and myself as we continue to heal from this tragedy.

Love you all and I hope you have a blessed rest of the week!


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