Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Silly, Silly Girl...

Today for our morning craft we decided that we were going to color. I got out the kiddos colors, my colors (come on, I can't use the Ecuador crayons!!), and the coloring books and we went to town!

I started coloring in a color by number book and Emma got interested. Hummm, teachable moment? I think YES! I tore out a picture from the book for her and proceeded to tell her to color all the "ones" "yellow", all the "twos" "orange", and so on. I wasn't really paying attention to her, but when she was done she said, "Look Mommy all the numbers are colored"... THIS is what I saw..

**I forget, sometimes, how literal kids are**

I made sure I told her good job and then I showed her how she was supposed to do it.. Here is a picture with all 3 of our masterpieces....

**I was hoping for cooler temps so I thought I would do a "Christmas in July" picture**
***Side Note: it DIDN'T work!!!!***

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