Friday, July 20, 2012


This morning I got onto my email and Facebook for a bit. While I was on Facebook, I saw a news story that NBC put out there about Chick-fil-a and it's stance again gay marriage. I was curious to see people's comments. There was one lady who stood out to me, you think maybe a "God thing", and I started up a convo with her on the feed.. 

This is what caught my eye:

"Ignorance is bliss!!! And for those of you who are suppose to be "Christians" how dare you sit their and JUDGE and go along with it!!!!!
I will NEVER eat there and support their ignorance!

And yes I go to church and I know the bible!

But I will not judge someone for their own beliefs!!! Nor will I be in the picket line! Everyone deserves to be happy! And just like my 7 year old son says... Gay means happy mom!"

I had an uneasy feeling about what she had said, but I kept reading and saw that she had posted again..

"Maybe McDonald's should do this for all the unwed parents... Or burger king... On all the pregnant teens... Better yet... How about sonic for all the criminals in this world!
No reason a food place should stick their wanna be Christian selves into this!!!! DO NOT JUDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

and then again...

"furthermore, NO ONE KNOW's WHAT God's view is on this subject, you Bible verse pickin' bigots ONLY use what YOU want out of that book to justify YOUR hate, NOT God's.. for God can NOT hate ANYTHING it created ... good grief, I have to take a valium now, and go to WORK ... LMAO"

and then again...

"There many mistakes in the bible." 

This really hit me in my heart. Chick-fil-a isn't saying that they won't serve gay people. They didn't say that they wouldn't hire gay people. They said that they were just going to take a stance and support a Biblical marriage (between man and woman). They give money to what they believe in. They give money to Christian groups. Just like if this woman believed in helping cure cancer, she would give money to curing cancer. I decided that I would go ahead and write back to this lady. Here is our conversation back and forth (me in red and her in orange)...

"I have read this garbage and haven't said ANYTHING yet, but Yolanda, you are wrong. There are NO mistakes in His Word. The Bible is 100% true and is proving it day by day. I think the reason you feel so strongly about this is God is trying to open your heart and eyes to Him, but you are resisting. I'm going to pray for you. I hope and pray that you allow God to move in your life and be as blessed as my family and I are. Have a wonderful day."

"April, you're wrong. You should check that again. when we were growing up, you were told that the bible is God's word. It's true and infallible. That changed a few years ago. Ask your pastor. If he sticks to it, I would look in to finding a new church. They should say something like, it's the word of God, written by man, but inspired by God. That's why it has mistakes in it. Because man makes mistakes"

"@Yolanda, I do believe it is God's word written by man. You are totally correct in that statement, but if I was to stand over your shoulder and say, "Write, 'I am Lord'" you would "Write, 'I am Lord'" just as Paul, Moses, etc did There are no mistakes... I am still going to pray for you and I hope you have a blessed day."

"April, I'll pray that God shines a ray of light in to your hardened heart and shows his love for all of his creations. Being gay or lesbian is not a mistake. Jeremiah 1:5 Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you."

"@Yolanda, God, nor I, hate ANYONE, you are right. We love everyone, but we can disagree with what they are doing and know that it's wrong and hope that they will come to repent of the sin. Yes, that is what we can do. Christians get such a bad image put on them bc people think just because we say they are doing wrong, doesn't mean that we don't love them and want to see them do right. I make mistakes all the time in my walk with the Lord, but that's the point, he forgives you if you have a relationship with him. Just like if you are a parent. You love you child no matter what, but if he/she does something that is wrong, you are going to talk to him/her about it and tell them they are doing wrong. You aren't going to stop loving them. You just ask them to do what's right. That's all we, as Christians, should be doing."

This was truly a God thing that I stumbled upon this woman. You could tell that she was searching for something. I left the conversation with my last statement, but I did go back and see if she had said something else.. Of course she had and it furthered my thought that she was searching.. Please pray, her name is Yolanda Cotton. Please pray that God will soften her heart to His word. That she will come to know Him. She is searching too hard, she only has to open her heart.

This was her last comment..

April, I'm not a Christian, but I also have a relationship with God! I don't have any religious affiliation, but I was a Christian for a long time. I even went to a religious school for a few years. Christians, nor any other religion, have insight or understanding of God that was not given to every other person on earth.
About four years ago, I decides to take my "walk with God" to a higher level. It was put on my heart to research the bible, from cover to cover. I found a lot of discrepancies. I challenged everything I was taught about the bible. If its true, it will remain true. How many mistakes can you overlook or try to explain away. Well, I'm no longer Christian and it's easy to see other Christians with my eyes wide open. I see a bunch of hate and bigotry and I thank God for it

In closing I'm going to question, how does she have a relationship with God, but she's not a Christian.. She can't...

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  1. Wow! That's really all I can say is wow! She will be in my prayers for sure.

  2. She says she thinks Christians "hate" gay people. And yes, there are Christians out there that will say they hate them and outwardly judge them. However, just because those people get on the news for their protests and such doesn't mean they represent the entirety of God's people. For someone who is so upset about "hate" she sure sounds like she hates Christians... :-/ It's hypocracy for someone to blast hate when they have so much hate in their own heart... It also looks like she used the news story in order to go off on a tangent.

  3. We have recently had to deal with the devil prying in our home church. Our pastor announced his resignation due to "moral failure". He admitted to a year long affair in his marriage. While we were all heartbroken and let down, we know they church is not "one mans church" He may have started it. But its always been Gods church. He put it in our pastors heart to start our church, and in turn, we have reached so many non believers and been able to help so many in our community! At the end of the day, no one person is exempt from temptation and sin. Not even a person who holds a title such as a pastor. We are all human, and will make mistakes and choose the wrong path. Because thats Gods plan. No matter what it is, he knows we are going to do it before we do it! Even if its to choose a life that breaks his heart. Because your purpose may have a bigger meaning than just living in sin. He uses these people and these kinds of situations to test the faith of believers. To test our hearts in times of trouble and times when "non believers" want to challenge our God. I pray that this women will open her heart to God. But I dont think it was any mistake that you just happened to come across her comments. They moved your heart. And you were not afraid to stick up for a God that loves you. When God was nailed on a cross, and people were spitting at him, and hurting him, he stood firm in his beliefs, and loved us even more. What a true testimony of living a life for God! I will leave you with just one more thing. Then Im done on my little rant lol.

    "I have loved you with a love that lasts forever. I have kept on loving you with a faithful love" Jer 31:3

    Gods love never fails. He loves you on your good days and bad days, when you serve him and when you dont, when you're right and when you're wrong. God even loves you when you're angry, or selfish, or out of control. He loves you even when you are breaking his heart. Nothing you do surprises him, he knew you were going to do it long before you did. Why does God keep on loving you? Because his love is unconditional. Its not based on your performance; its based on his character. Its not based on what you do; its based on who he is.