Thursday, July 19, 2012

To Eat or Not To Eat.. That Was the Question...

So, I had a heard time with dinner yesterday. Let's just say that if there were food gods, they were against me! I was going to make pork chops, yellow rice, and cheesy spinach bowls. Yummy, right? Well, I went to start the meat and the pork was rancid! AHHH! I called Greg and told him and he said we would just go and grab something for dinner since we had to go into Rockwall anyways.

Greg gets home and we head to Rockwall to Taco Cabana. I order the chicken fajita tacos with queso and chips, the kiddos a quesadilla and chips, and Greg taquitos and chips. All of us with a drink.. Sounds good, right? WRONG.. I head over to the drink machine and it says "Out of Order" over the Coke and Water.. Okay, I'll get DP.. push the button and syrup spews all over the place. Greg thought it was just the DP button so he pushed the Diet Coke and same thing happens to him. The manager comes running out, gets on the phone and starts yelling at the Coke guy that was just there. Apparently when the Coke guy was there, he did something and busted the whole system so there were no drinks in the whole building. Okay, not THAT big of a problem, we'll just have bottled water and wait for our food. We sit down and I look around. We have successfully gotten the last clean table, the trash cans, all 3 of them, are over flowing, there is crap under the salsa bar, it was gross. Hey, we'll stick it out, we have already ordered and paid... 20 MINUTES LATER, still no food. Finally, Greg went up and got our money back and we decided to walk across the parking lot to Steak 'n Shake...

We walk in, starving by now, and are told we will have to wait for a table. I look around and there are AT LEAST 6 tables that are open, but we are having to WAIT! Okay, deep breath! We wait 5-10 min and are seated in one of the already open booths. We are given our menus, asked what we want to drink, and then asked if we were ready to order, all before Greg even had Braxton in the high chair!! Water all the way around and we aren't ready to order!! The water gets to us and it tastes like it has come STRAIGHT from the LAKE! We ask for tea instead and order our food. I get the chicken strips and cheddar fries, the kiddos get the sliders and fries, and Greg gets the triple steak burger with cheddar fries. The tea comes and THAT takes like lake water too. We tell the waitress and she walks off and doesn't do anything. Oh well, we are just hungry! The food gets to us and the ONLY thing that is remotely even warm are my chicken strips. It was like they had fixed everything and then remembered the chicken and just left the other out. Also, there was no cheese on the cheddar fries. We went ahead and let the kids eat what was brought because, by this time, Braxton was screaming and crying at the table. They brought Greg's burger and fries out, but forgot mine so they had to go back and get those, and FINALLY when we are about done with our food, they as us if we would like something else to drink besides the tea. YES!! We guzzled that down and were never asked if we wanted more. We got the kids each a cookie and decided it was time to get out before I had a flat out MELT DOWN! We went to pay and do you want to know what the lady at the register had the nerve to ask us, "HOW WAS EVERYTHING?" I had to turn around and, luckily, Greg was alot more tactful then I would have been and said, "Good." 

A+ for Customer Service!!

On the bright side, I did get to go to Joann's and Hobby Lobby after dinner. I bought some BEAUTIFUL fabric at Joann's that I cannot wait to photography a newborn baby on.. BTW, know someone that's preggo and about to POP? I would love to do their maternity or newborn pics!! 

Oh, and WHY does Hobby Lobby close at 8? and WHY do they start announcing it at 7:30? and WHY do they start turning out the lights at 7:50? Don't they know I've just had a HORRIBLE experience and I need retail therapy?!?!?

So, the lesson of the night is... don't buy a pork loin in January and come straight home and freeze it and expect to eat it 6 months later no matter how good of a price you got it. Lesson 2 is don't eat at the Taco Cabana in Rockwall and lesson 3 is don't eat at the Steak 'n Shake in Rockwall if you expect your food to be right and hot and to have more than 1 drink that doesn't taste like lake water!

The End! 

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