Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Wow.. It's been a BUSY weekend! Saturday we hit the flood bright and early.. well, early for me.. and went to the bank, Wal-mart, got my glasses fixed and then went and looked at a potential studio (I blogged about it a little on Saturday). It's perfect!!! It's in a little old house that they have turned into commercial property. They have painted the house blue, has two cute little porches, a porch swing, railing, claw-foot bath tub with flowers in it out front, nice size rooms, and the perfect price. Now we are waiting to see what God tells us to do. The owner wanted an answer by today, but it doesn't look like we will have an answer today (who knows, it could still happen). Right now, we are just going to sit and wait for the answer. It might be next month; it might be next year; it might not be at all, but we are going to sit. If that's where I'm supposed to be, it will be there when God says I'm ready.

Here are a couple of picture I took of the studio.. It kinda looks like just an empty room, but I have a vision for it... it's going to be AWESOME.. oh, and I LOVE the floors!

After looking at the studio we headed out to do some shopping for props. I knew what I had in mind and, for the most part, got everything I was looking for. **Look for CUTE pics of Braxton to be popping up :D** We went to Michaels and Target. We stopped for lunch at Cheddars. Did you know that we can eat at Cheddars for $14!!! A family of 5!! That's cheaper the McDonalds!!! Greg and I split the Chicken Tender wrap (it's HUGE) and the kiddos split the appetizer size chicken tenders. Cheddars gives you such big portions it RIDICULOUS!! The only down side to Cheddars, they don't have kids menus. NOTHING for the kiddos to do while they are waiting for their food. Then it hit me... THANK YOU DISNEY JUNIOR!! I had downloaded the Disney Junior Ap on my iPhone the day before and they have FULL LENGTH episodes of Mickey Mouse Club House, Doc McStuffins, Little Eisteins, and Octonauts. SCORE!

Here are my little minions watching Doc McStuffins while waiting on their food...

**Doesn't Courtlynn look THRILLED!?!?! She wanted to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!!**

After Cheddars we headed to Hobby Lobby and Sally's Beauty Supply. By this time the kids were OUT, so Mommy and Daddy got to stop by Bahama Bucks and get a little treat that they didn't have to share.. Bwahahahahaha.. **I know, that's totally mean, but I kinda felt like we were on a mini date. No kiddos in the back ground and getting a treat** We headed home, chilled for a while ('cause we were all pooped now), had dinner (I don't even remember what it was), and went to bed!!!


The alarm clock went off at 7:20am, I hit the snooze.... 7:29, snooze (really? Why do iPhone's snooze go by 9 min)... 7:38, snooze.. finally Greg came to my side of the bed and all but rolled me out of it! We went to Sunday School and church service. We went and got some lunch and then headed to my mom and dad's house to lay the kiddos down. It was kinda weird being there; no one else was there. My dad is in Georgia, my brother was on his way to Kansas, and my mom was visiting my grandma. Anyways, we laid them down for nap and Brenda, my mother in law, and I went to a Tupperware party.. Yes, those things are STILL around. I didn't buy anything, but Brenda did buy these cool bowls that will keep our fruit from going bad. It seems like we throw away more fruit then we actually eat! Anyways, by the time we got out of the party it was 5:00. We went and picked up Greg and the kiddos and headed to Walmart (of course). We got some essentials, toliet paper and paper towels, and headed back to the big 'ole city of Lavon. Mama stopped by on her way home and that's about it. I was sooo tired after this weekend. I wanted to go to bed earlier, but I got caught up in Big Brother on my DVR that I wasn't in bed until well after 10 almost 11.

So, that was my weekend.. It was busy and heat was HORRIBLE, but it was fun. I hope you all had a FABULOUS weekend. :)

I'm going to leave you with a picture that I meant to post on Friday. I went in to get Braxton up from nap, and this is how I found him.. See if you can see the problem in this picture!!!

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