Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fun Night At the Rice Box

So, Tucker and Becca came over last night with their adorable little girls, Cambria and Tavin. As soon as the door opened, Courtlynn said, "That's Tavin, her's in my Sunday School class!" We had no idea they were even in the same class. The kiddos play so well and it gave the adults time to talk. We had a hot dog buffet that I thought was pretty good and some good ole mac and cheese. After dinner the kiddos went outside and played while the grownups had some quiet time.

We finished off the night with the yummy White Chocolate Oreo Brownie Goodness (for the adults) and Popsicles for the kiddos. I would say that last night was a hit and I can't wait to get back together with them!

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