Friday, December 16, 2011

What a LAZY Day!

Yesterday, Thursday December 15, we had a kinda lazy day... Yes, I'm STILL working on that mountain of laundry, but other than that, it was pretty laid back...

**BTW, I used this font because I LOVE IT!! (expect more)**

So to start off my day, I was actually hungry (remember night before was CiCi's, BLAH) so I decided to have a "not so healthy" (not healthy AT ALL) breakfast..

I thought I would do a little crafting, I had see this idea on Pinterest that I was DYING to try out.. Well, it was a complete FAIL! On the site she says to take a coke, diet coke, soda of choice can and cut it up CAREFULLY and use this Mod Podge Dimensional Magic (MPDM from here on out) to make Key Chains. I thought "SCORE", I could make come for my mom for Christmas (after I asked her for Diet Coke cans..teehee) and she will LOVE it. WRONG.. I followed the directions on the blog TO-A-TEE.. Nope.. the can continued to curl in on it self. I even put it between the counter and a book (Breaking Dawn hardback, ya know it was HEAVY) and that STILL didn't work. FAIL! So, I thought... I have alot of card stock that I'm not using. The picture on the MPDM shows them using it on paper... How about I take the paper, cut it into a circle, put a monogram in between one layer of MPDM and another and that would TOTALLY be cute.. FAIL.. I'm done for now.. Let's go bake...

**Note: Mama, I was thinking of you**

So, you already know that I had called my mom to get some of her Diet Coke cans to make HER Christmas. (haha).. When I was on the phone with her, I also asked to use her candy thermometer. These are her words..

Me: Can I borrow your candy thermometer?
Mama: Why? (I wanted to say, DUH, to make candy, but I refrained)
Me: To make this Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Fudge that I found on Pinterest. I can have Greg pick it up when he comes and gets the cans tonight on his way home from work.
Mama: Tell him to be careful with it
Me: Okay
Mama: You be careful with it
Me: Okay
Mama: I'm serious, be careful

THIS is how the thermometer got to me..

**Think they  have any paper towels left... hahahaha (oh, and I spelt thermometer wrong above)**

Since my craft FAILED, I thought I would make the Fudge. I got out the "special" candy thermometer (hahaha) and recipe, read it over and realized.. I DON'T HAVE ANY CHOCOLATE CHIPS! Of course I have white chocolate chips (for my peppermint mochas, yummm.. that sounds good), but no chocolate chips! Poo! No fudge.

**You would think with a baking cabinet like this there HAD to be enough chocolate chips**

I decided that I wasn't getting anything productive done, so I painted my nails.. twice (the first time looked hideous)

Then I decided I would sit on my butt and Pinterest.. This is my EVIL!

The girls played so nicely today while I started on a few sewing projects, but as you already know, my craftiness wasn't going so well, so I decided I would pick back up on it tomorrow.. She's only wanting the order by 3:00 Friday!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

**haha.. just noticed Courtlynn's Barbie is naked!!**

Okay, I know times are different then I when I was playing with Barbies, but I KNOW her booty and boobies have gotten bigger and her clothes have gotten less and less.. For Emma's bday she got this "Baking Kitchen Barbie" from the Roses. I really didn't pay much attention to it until yesterday.. Barbie is in heels and an apron! Inappropriate, I think yes! Do I want my 4 year old to think it's okay to go around the house in nothing but an apron and heels, ummm NO! **But that does give ME an idea... hahahaha**

Emma decided that she would pick out what she was going to wear. I usually pick out what they wear, it's usually PJs since we don't get out of the house all day and its comfy, but Emma picked it out this time! Here is what she decided was the attire for the day...
**The Piggy Fleece shirt is a 2T.. she is in a 4T and the Texas Rangers SHORTS are 6-9 mo!!**

We played alot in the play room, which is now a project in itself!! Saturday chore anyone?!?!

Courtlynn and I watched some Wild Krats together.. 

And then it was time to make dinner... Emma decided that we were going to have Spaghetti.. That is a staple in our house, easy, cheap and the girls LOVE it. We had to wait for Daddy to get home to get us some spaghetti sauce, but it was ready in no time.

**Emma waiting on her's to cool**

So, as you know know from the Santa story that Courlynn decided that she wanted a guitar for Christmas. I have NO IDEA where she got the idea from, but that's what she wants. I was on the Wylie Garage Sale Facebook page after dinner and someone posted they had a Muno (from Yo Gabba Gabba) guitar for sale. You KNOW I messaged that person as soon as their finger hit post with the mouse. $5!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's in PERFECT condition, plays 10 YGG songs, and was $5!!! WooHoo, SCORE for Santa! **Oh and I got her a YGG jacket for $2!!!!**

When I got back from picking up the guitar (I went last night, I didn't want to take the chance of her giving it to someone else or changing her mind) the girls were in bed. DOUBLE SCORE! I went and got in a nice hot bubble bath and Greg came and sat on the toilet seat to talk to me. We heard the girls get up and Greg went to check on them. He came back and was fuming!! Remember earlier when I told you I painted me nails, well, I left the nail polish on the desk in my room! Emma got up, tip toed into our room, got the nail polish, tip toed back to her room, and decided she was going to paint Courtlynn's nails!! She got 1 nail painted and the REST OF THE BOTTLE on her bedroom FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!! She was NOT TOO happy and neither was I when I got to her.. So, does anyone know how to get Finger Nail Polish out of the CARPET!?!?! I guess I"m going to be looking that one up on Pinterest!

I'll leave you with the funny pic of the day and a Bible verse on patience!

The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance. 2 Peter 3:9

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  1. You are seriously like the craft QUEEN!!!!! Send some of your talent this way please!!!!! Im working on a glass etching project right now that I found on Pinterest, fingers crossed it turns out!!!

  2. hahaha I love the funny picture!! No idea how to get nailpolish out of carpet...