Monday, December 19, 2011

The Weekend, Plus a Day...

Friday, December 16...

Friday was kinda a blur for me.. I started out the day feeling fine, but by the end, I wasn't feeling good AT ALL! The girls and I kinda just "hung out" all day. Emma put on "shows" for me.. It's so funny.. I'll be in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and she'll come RUNNING in and say, "Hurry Mommy, the show is going to start in 2 minurtes!" She's so funny.. She'll stand infront of the fire place, her stage, and make up songs or sing ones she already knows. It's hard to get a good picture of her because she doesn't stand still long enough! Here is the best picture I could get of her.. 

  I couldn't get a video of her this time, but here is one from the last "show"..

I did get a little bit of sewing done.. The order for Britini was NOT done by 3, but luckily, I watch her kiddos, she is awesome, and she understood.. They are however done now..

**You too can have one for only $5**

I made some more tile necklaces for my vendor fair on Tuesday, got a little cleaning done, and then the yuck hit me.. I was giving Braxton a bath and all of a sudden I had to open the toilet.. and........................... I spare you the details..

I was DOWN for the rest of the night.. Greg got home, he made corn dogs and mac n cheese, he ran to Sonic to get a gift card for the following day, and that was our night.

Funny picture from Friday:

Saturday, December 17th...

Saturday I woke up feeling ALOT better.. I was truely thankful because I had a ladies Christmas brunch at my Sunday School teacher's wife's house at 10:30 am. I got up, got ready, helped get the kiddos ready, and at 10:00 am Raquel was at the house to pick me up, and Greg was headed with the kiddos to Wylie and Plano. 

The brunch was so much fun. So much fun, in fact, I FORGOT to take pics until I was about to walk out the door.. FAIL! We stuffed coloring books with book marks that we had made previously for kiddos at the hospital for Christmas, stuffed our faces and then did a gift card exchange/game (hinch late night trip to Sonic for Greg). I wound up getting a gift certificate to one of mine and Greg's FAVORITE places...

  **Can't wait to use this**

After the brunch, Greg, Braxton and I went to do some Christmas shopping. If you know me, you know I LOVE to shop.. We went to Target and got Braxton 2 full outfits and a shirt that says, "Lock up your daughters"... haha.. Courtlynn an outfit, a Ken doll, and stocking stuffers (LOVE $1 bins), and Emma some stocking stuffers.

After that we went to Collin Creek Mall to the Children's Place (because I had a coupon).. I got Courtlynn a dress and leggins and Braxton a pair of jeans and shirt that has a drumset on it (I was a drummer) that says, "Its never too early to be a rock star".. LOVE IT!

After shopping with Greg, I had to get him back to Wylie so Seth could pick him up to go to a surprise 40th bday party and I had to pick up the girls and get them to my house before the sitter got there.. Got home, kids situated with a sitter and Raquel and I went SHOPPING some more. This time we went to Willow Bend Mall. I got Emma a skirt, shirt, and tights from Gymboree, a gift for my mother inlaw (she reads my blog, I can't give it away), and another outfit for Emma as Janie and Jack. (Oh, and Greg a pair of boxers.... 

Warning PG-13

The boxers came with 3-D glasses and have presents all over them and say, "Size Matters".. you put on the glasses and the "packages" are 3-D!  LOVE them!!

God home Saturday night and CRASHED.

Sunday, December 18...

Church, lunch (at Chipotle), and then back to Gymboree (where I got Emma the CUTEST white boots). Then we went to Mama and Daddy's house, I wrapped gifts for a friend that just had surgery and couldn't do it herself and made dinner for them. Took it to them at 6, went home, wrapped gifts (and obviously forgot to take pics before hand), cleaned up the house a little, and then CRASHED again!

Busy Busy weekend and it's only going to get more busy... Christmas is at OUR house this year, which means I need to get busy making this place spic and span, my mother in law comes into town Tuesday, I have a vendor fair Tuesday, Braxton's bday is Tuesday, Bryan comes in on Friday and I have to pick him up from the airport at 2:30, dinner Friday night, finish Christmas shopping, making some Christmas candy, go to the grocery store, wrap the gifts that I still have to buy (oh and I STILL haven't gotten anything for Emma from Santa), and still find time to sleep. THIS should be an interesting week.. stay tuned to the blog..

Have a fabulous week!

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