Wednesday, December 7, 2011

And Away We Go.....

I've always thought about doing a blog, but I thought, "Who would read it? My life is BORING!!" Then I found myself posting every day pictures and funny things that Emma or Courtlynn say during the day on Facebook, and people were telling me...

"April, this isn't a diary or blog, this is your status"

So, here we go.. I now have a BLOG!

Let me first introduce you to my CRAZY family...

First, there is Gregory (Greg, Baby)... We met when I was in the 7th grade, he was dating my best friend at the time, we had classes together in High School, worked together at Albertsons grocery store (I was a bagger, blah), and then lost contact. Well, a few years later **I won't give away our ages to those who don't know (teehee)** we reconnected at Walmart (yeah I know)! We got to talking, he asked if I wanted to catch up later, I said yes, and, a couple of days later, we were having dinner at Chili's. Little did I know, he thought it was a date and I later found out that I took a swing at his ego when I insisted on paying.. **oops, my bad** Well, long story short, a month and 16 days later we were engaged and 5 mo and 14 days later we were married! :) We have been married for a little over 5 years now and I love him more and more everyday.

Me and my honey

So, fast forward 1 year and 3 days after our wedding day, and here comes Emma Grace. She is now 4 years old, sneaky, loving, clumsy, beautiful, and 100% my mini me!

Now, almost 22 months later came Courtlynn Faith. She is a red headed spit fire. She is gorgeous, stubborn, hilarious, and 100% 2!!

Okay, so Greg and I thought we were DONE with babies.. YES, DONE, but here comes Braxton Levi a little less than 17 mo later. He's adorable, happy, piggy, and 100% mini Bryan (my brother).

So, this is my family. I'm sure I will be talking ALOT about them in the coming weeks, months, years so get to know them. :)

I'll go ahead and let you know what we have been doing the last few weeks to catch up to today.

Thanksgiving was at my cousin Melynee's house. There were 19 people there and it was CRAZY but FUN! Here is a picture of my munchkins before we left the house in their shirts I made for them.

 **This is the best smile I have EVER gotten out of Courtlynn for a picture. I don't know why Courtlynn's feet look abnormally HUGE and I don't know what's up with Emma's hair or her smile, but, hey, Courtlynn's smile is SUPER CUTE!!**

Then we got to put up the Christmas Tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Last year Courtlynn didn't really "get" what she was doing, so this year it was all VERY new to her. Emma and her loved putting the ornaments on the tree.

**Note: I "fluffed" the tree some more afterward so there weren't any holes in it like shown in the picture**

As some may already know, we attend First Baptist Church of Wylie **shout out** and we are doing this AWESOME outreach during the Christmas season. From Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving) to Christmas Eve we are wrapping Christmas presents for FREE.. That's right FREE! No hidden cost, NOTHING!! I have had the privilege to wrap gifts 2 times since we started and Greg has gotten to do publicity (handing out business cards and telling people about it). Greg said that the funniest thing about doing the publicity is people don't get "FREE"... Here are some of the things he heard...

"Do we have to provide the wrapping paper?"--- no
"Don't believe him, we have to buy the tape."--- No
"Do you take donations?" --- NO


So, if you still need your gifts wrapped, come up to our store front in Wylie (Infront of Target, beside Mooyah Burger) and get your gifts wrapped for FREE!

That leads us up to last night (That will be a different post). I hope ya'll are ready for some Chaos, Misspelling, Bad Grammer, and lots of "ya'lls".. 

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