Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Day for Cleaning, A Day for Visitors!

Monday, Dec 19...

Monday started out like any other Monday, Courtlynn in bed with me because her Daddy wasn't there to kick her out! HAHAHA! The alarm went off and both of us moaned. Today was going to be a busy day! Like I stated in my last post, Christmas is at my house this year and my mother in law is coming into town on Tuesday, so there was some much needed house cleaning to be done! The girls did a good job of helping me out by attempting to clean their playroom and staying out of my way when I was cleaning the other rooms. Here are pics of my progress:

  **I spy Christmas Cards**

So, I did ALOT of cleaning.. All day to be exact...

We did have some visitors Monday.. We hadn't seen Ms. Jamie and Ms. London in a LONG time.. Emma was getting very anxious to see them, so they came over to play for a little bit!

Ms. Rose has been traveling alot and the girls thought she had forgotten about them, so she came over too... 

**You think they missed her?!?!**
**Courtlynn cried when she left!!**

Ms. Rose got us a VERY special ornament from her cruise she just came back from. If you know me, you know I LOVE snowmen.. here is our very special ornament..

That was our day.. Daddy got home and we had to run into Wylie and get BryBry's car so that I could have the van for Tuesday, but other than that.. that was it! GREAT day!

I don't have a "funny pic" for the day, but I do have a pic of Emma that she wanted me to take of her. I was so happy with the way it came out. I guess all kids go through the awkward smile phase. Her's has lasted a VERY LONG TIME! This smile was natural though and beautiful so I thought I would share.. Have a blessed day ya'll!

**Told ya that font would make it's way back to the blog!!**

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  1. That is a good smile! She's so pretty! What an adorable ornament too!