Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Feb 11 is "Go Time"

I got my welcome box in the mail yesterday. WOOHOO! It's getting closer. I was stupid excited about this whole journey, but once I opened that box, I was even MORE excited. Here is a pic of the contents:

I knew we were going to have to do little "social media tasks" throughout the 60 days, but I didn't know there was going to be one EVERYDAY! They are going to be fun though. I am going to need help with them. I will list all of the Dates and "Orders" (as they call them) at the end of the post. What I'm asking from you is to help me meet these goals. That might look like you coming with me and video taping me, having dinner with me, dancing, whatever. If you want to help, comment at the end of this and we will "get 'er done."


11: Goto GG FB page and post a short post about being a contestant
12: Take a pic of me with the whole staff and post to my FB page. List names of all staff in photo.
13: Make a bowl w/ lots of veggies and tweet my photo. Hashtag #ilovemyveggies and #healthkwest
14: Write a short and sweet blog post of top 5 reasons why I love GG.
15: Check in on FB @ GG
16: Bring someone to GG that has never been or hasn't been in a while. Take a photo of the 2 of us and Instagram it with hashtag #genghisgrill and #healthkwest
17: Make a video doing a GG Health Kwest dance infront of my location (Rockwall) and post on Youtube
18: Sign up for a GG Khan Kard
19: Build a heart healthy bowl and take a photo. Post on Twitter with hashtag #genghisgrill and #hearthealthy
20: Take a walk and get a pic wearing GG swearband and post on Facebook
21: Write a "I have a dream" speech about what I want HealthKwest to do for me and post on blog
22: Create a bulletin board to put up at GG location
23: Post a Before picture and write top 3 goals I want to achieve on blog
24: Record a video doing fav exercise wearing GG sweatband. Hashtag #healthkwest
25: Make a bowl w/ lots of greens. Post a pic on twitter hashtag #ilovegreens and #genghisgrill
26: Have a glass of One Hope Wine (provided) Take a photo, post on Instagram. Hashtag #onehopewine and #genghisgrill
27: Write a blog how wine can be good for me. Include in post.
28: Post a pic of me and manager infront of HealthKwest banner on Instagram. Hashtag #genghisgrill and #healthkwest


1: Check in on FB @ GG
2: Write a blog post about dealing with stress about health and $10,000. Use quotes to live by.
3: Get a bowl with brown rice. Write a blog post about benefits of brown rice.
4: Post a pic on Instagram of me working out. Hashtag #healthkwest and #genghisgrill
5: Have a glass of red diamond tea on twitter. Hashtag #reddiamond and #genghisgrill
6: Write a blog post about benefits of tea. Include
7: Check in on FB @ GG
8: Tell 2 stangers outside of GG about 60 day challenge, record it and post on Youtube.
9: Answer question that will be on GG FB page.
10: Post a video on Youtube of me working out with GG sweatband on. Hashtag #healthkwest
11: Take a pic of my favorite bowl. List ingredients and post on FB
12: Ask manager about limited time ingredients, try it, and post about in on Blog
13: Weigh in and take a pic of me and person that weighed me in and post on FB w name of person.
14: Build a heart healthy bowl and take a photo. Name bowl and post it on Twitter. Hashtag #hearthealthy and #genghisgrill
15: Interview someone you look up to and ask about advice for my journey. Post pic of me and my idol on blog.
16: Take a pic of me and fav staff member. Write their name in caption and post on Instagram
17: Make a video of me talking about how I feel. Hashtag #healthkwest
18: make a bowl full of veggies and post a pic on twitter. Hashtag #ilovemyveggies and #healthkwest
19: List my fav veggies in my bowl and benefits of each on blog.
20: Buy a vitamin water and post a pic with GG sweatband drinking it on Instagram. Hashtag #vitaminwater and #genghisgrill
21: make a playlist of fav 10 songs to work out to and what exercise I like to do on blog.
22: Answer question on GG FB page
23: Video me going through the line at GG explaining the 5 steps to building a bowl. Post on Youtube. Hashtag #healthkwest and #genghisgrill
24: Create a sign that says "GG was here" and take a pic infront of a famous land mark in my city. post on FB
25: Write a blog post about physical and emotional changes so far.
26: Chick in @ GG on FB
27: "Little Black Dress" Campaign. Take a photo of me and my dream outfit. Post on blog
28: Grill my own bowl, take photo, post on FB
29: Tweet @genghisgrill an inspirational quote to live by
30: Post pic using nutrition calculator on FB
31: Record a video in grocery store talking about what's on list during HealthKwest. Post on Youtube


1: Post a pic of me and server doing funny faces on FB
2: Write a blog about quick cardio exercise
3: Write a blog about the benefits of Sake and TY KU. Shout out
4: Build a heart healthy bowl. Take photo and post on Instagram. Hashtag #hearthealthy and #genghisgrill
5: Answer question on GG FB page
6: Sign up for a walk, 5k or exercise class. Take a pic of signing up and post on FB
7: Record a video about how far I have come. Post on you tube
8: Tweet an inspirational quote from someone you admire. Hashtag #inspire and #healthkwest
9: Take a photo working out and post on Instagram. hashtag #exercise and #healthkwest
10: Take another group photo with staff and post on FB
11: Post a pic of last weigh in on FB
12: Blog about journey. Include pics, recaps, lessons and memories. Do a before and after photo.

Well, there are the Kwests! Who is going to help me out. Comment and commit. :)

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