Monday, February 25, 2013

Dublin Devil!!!

I AM motivated, but distractions are all around me!

This weekend Greg and I went to Dublin, TX for a "get away" without kids. We stopped at Genghis Grill on our way out of town on Friday so that I could make sure to get it in. The contestants are allowed to miss 3 times during the 60 days and not be disqualified, so Saturday we didn't eat at GG (there wasn't one around). Friday night we had to get something for dinner. We asked the owner of the B&B where a good place to eat was and she said "Granny Clark's." Okay sweet. We WALKED, because she said it was only 3 blocks. Well, 1 mile later we got to Granny Clark's (btw, it was the ONLY place to eat in town). We walked in and the smell of FRIED FOOD hit you in the face like a frying pan. BLAH! So, we walked the 3 blocks mile back to the B&B, got in the car and headed to Stephenville. Cotton Patch Cafe was the restaurant of choice. I was going to be good. I got the turkey melt. I WAS NOT going to get the french fries. I was going to the GOOD. Oh, but their mac and cheese is sooooo good. I should get their apples. Oh, but the Mac and Cheese!!! I went with the MAC AND CHEESE!! 156 calories for their mac and cheese and 517 for the Turkey Melt. Not too too bad. Well, then the devil was yelling in my ear from my right shoulder and I could no longer hear the angel on my left shoulder saying "You don't need dessert!" The devil won! We got a
Praline Pecan Bread Puddin’ to split. Well, the whole whopping thing is 520 calories!!! Well, we only ate about 1/2 of it (because there was mac and cheese on it, don't ask, we didn't pay for it or finish it) So I guess 1/4 of the Puddin' was 130 Calories!!! I had a grand total of 803 calories for DINNER!!! Okay, I can walk that off. No big deal. Then comes SATURDAY (aka Devil Day)!!!
We woke up to 2 crapes filled with strawberries and bananas with a dollop of cool whip on top. Not too too bad. More than my average 160 breakfast. No biggie though. Then came lunch. The ONLY reason I'm telling on myself is because I have a point (will get to at end of blog). We went to Pizza Hut. I had 3 slices of pizza at 310 EACH! Oh, and I had a DP!! I hadn't had a Dr. Pepper in over a month and thought it was a good idea. It wasn't and it cost me 200 calories!!! 830 calories for lunch! Blah! Okay so now we are miserable, sluggish, but, hey, we did it to ourselves! We went and walked the flea market and tried to walk off some of the damage we had just done. Dinner was even worse. I don't know WHAT we were thinking!! We went to Chilis. We were stupid bc they have a "light" menu!! Did we do that, NO! Here was the breakdown. We did the 2 for $35. We started out with cheese sticks! The cheese sticks were 94 calories EACH! We had 3 1/2 each. 329 for appetizer!!! Then I had the chicken fajitas. 840 for fajitas (I thought I was doing good getting them!!). Then we did dessert! 1090 for the whole Chocolate Molten cake!!! Take on another 545 calories! You would think that 1714 for dinner would be enough, right? Well, NO. We had a margarita too. :( 168 more calories!! 1882 calories just for dinner!!!!
So, here is my lesson. 
1: That is disgusting!
2: I use to eat like this ALL THE TIME! (No wonder I look the way I do)
3: My dinner was more than my regular daily allotment!!
I think I have learned a lesson. Yes, the devil keeps telling me that I can't do this, but I CAN and I WILL! I get full on my 1000-1200 calories a day and I fill full, energized, and happy. Why would I want to put that CRAP in my body ever again? I am back in full swing today and gonna make this happen!
Plans for today:
Breakfast: Oatmeal and Fiber Bar: 220 calories
Snack: 1 Cup Grapes: 62 calories
Lunch: Turkey Sandwich with 1 piece of bread, Weight Watchers colby jack cheese stick, 8 baby carrots, 13 Special K Southwest Cracker/Chips, and 1 Black Cherry Jello: 265 calories   
Snack: Keebler - Right Bites Fudge Shoppe Fudge Grahams: 100 calories
Dinner: Genghis Grill Bowl (2 helpings ham, cilantro, 2 servings spinach, 3 ladles of Roasted Tomato Sauce and Brown Rice: 340 calories
Total: 987 calories
If I'm still hungry I can still have a little snack after dinner. This is so much more filling and far less calories! Eating healthy is easy, you just have to make the decision that you WANT it!

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