Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cleanin' and Skanks!

Monday, January 30.. Wow, can you believe that January is almost over?!?!?! How can that be? Well, yesterday we got ready for Nana, my mother in law, Brenda, to get here.. I had put off and put off cleaning out her room and closet and decided that Monday, since she is coming Tuesday, is as good a day as any.. **Nothing like procrastinating!!** So, her room is ready for her to get here today; she should be here between 4-6.

So, in keeping with the mother in law, you all know, and if you didn't you do now, that we just don't watch TV. Well, that wasn't going to fly with the mother in law.. teehee.. so, we hooked up DISH at the house about a month ago. Let me tell ya, we are TV watchers now. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but I'm addicted to HGTV, TLC, and the Cooking Network, ugh! Anything that has to do with cake making, babies, cupcake wars, I'm there! So, we use to not watch shows even on regular TV, aka The Biggest Loser and The Bachelor, because we didn't like the commercials. Well, thanks to DISH there is this little thing called a DVR that we have now. Oh boy, we are in trouble! We have our freaking line up now. We have to schedule our lives around who's getting a rose, how many pounds such-in-such lost, which dance mom is going off the deep end, or which body part is going to be worked on in Settle Grace. **Look at cha, I didn't even have to give you names of shows and you knew each one I was talking about!!!** So, I thought, what if I started doing my take on my 4 top favorite shows!?!? Monday, The Bachelor, Tuesday, Dance Moms and The Biggest Loser, and Thursday, Grey's Anatomy!?! If you don't like the idea, you can skip every week, but this will give me a place to vent without doing it to the TV (the computer is MUCH better)!

The Bachelor (January 30, 2012)

What the **** is up with Courtney?!?! Skank and a half! Okay, I got it out, now let's start at the beginning. Puerto Rico, oh beautiful Puerto Rico! Why is it these dates wind up in some area that you would NEVER go on a date at? Who takes someone on their first day to Puerto Rico?! Anyways... Single Date #1, Nikki. I like her, I'm not 100% team Nikki, yet, but you know you have to back the girl from your home turf! Let me just say I'm kinda sad that one of them didn't fall on those slippery rocks, that would have made the date a little more interesting and that white get up that Ben decided to buy, blah! Also, they "just so happened" to come across a wedding taking place, and oh look, there is a bench that we can sit on so that we could watch the whole thing. I THINK NOT! Well, all in all, I still like Nikki, it wouldn't break my heart if she got the boot, but I guess we will have to wait till next week to see. Group Date: I'm sorry, Lindsie, I totally disagree! She said, as they are pulling up to baseball field, "The card said diamonds are a girls best friend, I thought we would have bling, but these diamonds are sooooo much better" (paraphrased) Uh, no, I'm sorry. I LOVE baseball, but I would NEVER say that baseball diamonds were better than the bling, and who does she think she is kidding by saying that. Was it to impress Ben? Probably! Okay, and who's idea was this date?!?! The first part, working out, doing lunges, sprints, not my idea of a "good date." What do I know though!? The baseball game was great, but do you think the producers had a little hand in who were the team captains! hahahahaha Come on, do you really think it was coincidence that Courtney and Emily were team captains? The ones that HATE each other?! Well, I was really disappointed when Courtney's team won, blah, but totally excited that Casey B got the rose! Woohoo! **SHE'S MY FAVORITE** Okay Single Date #2.. Is it me, or did anyone really even know who Elyse was before this date? I didn't! From the get go you could tell that she was trying to tell Ben what he wanted to hear. I'll make this short, unlike her crying loooooooooong exit interview... I'm glad he got rid of her. Now, back to Courtney.. Why? Why, did she have to do what she did? and then Ben, why did he let her talk him into it. You could totally tell that he wasn't comfortable about it, but she kept asking and he gave in. When those other girls find out, **** is going to hit the fan! I would be saying adios, I'm out, both of you are skanks! Then, at the cocktail hour... Emily, keep your mouth SHUT! You just got done saying that you didn't want to bring Courtney up anymore to him and you wanted to focus on the 2 of you, and then you bring her back up! SHUT UP! Lastly... WHY DID HE KEEP EMILY?!?! I liked Jennifer. He was making out with her on the patio and then sends her home. AHHH... he's dumb, and ugly.. haha! We shall see what happens next week!

The girls were actually pretty good for me, they cleaned their room, and played nicely. Greg and I decided about a week ago that we were going to get a BluRay player and that same week we got a Disney Movie Club thing in the mail where you could get your first 5 BluRays for only $1 and then you have to buy 4 within 4 years. No biggie, we buy them a movie every Easter, birthday, and Christmas. We can knock those out this year, So, we signed up! We got our shipment Monday. The kiddos received The Princess and the Frog, Gnomeo and Juliet, Toy Story 3, Dumbo, and The Fox and the Hound! They watched Dumbo for the first time yesterday and LOVED it!

I was able to get birthday and anniversary cards filled out for February (I am in charge of sending out the cards in our Sunday School class), did a little Castleville (teehee), colored my hair (you can see a pic when I'm not a hot mess), and played Cootie with the kiddos. It was a good day.

I'll leave you with a pic of what Bella, my dog, thinks of the Bachelor!

3 more days till date weekend!

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