Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Friday, Oh My Friday!!

My Friday.. Oh, my Friday.. The day was Friday, January 20th, 2012! This is the day that I had my first Mommy breakdown in a LONG time! Here is what happened..

Emma and Courtlynn refused to do ANYTHING that I told them on Friday. They decided that instead of taking a nap, they would get in their closet and get 2 200 piece puzzles out and dump EVERY SINGLE PIECE on the floor. I was after them for 3 hours to clean it up... I said jump, they sat, I said sit, and they jumped. It was that kinda day. I couldn’t even go to the bathroom without them doing something they KNEW they weren’t supposed to do.. Well, anyway.. Later on in the evening I decided that I WAS NOT cooking and called Greg to see what he wanted. We decided to go to Fuzzy’s Taco Shop. Sweet.. So, not too too bad.. YET…

I called Mama and Daddy to see if they wanted to go with us, hung up, went to put the girls clothes on them, and COULD NOT believe what I saw. In the amount of time that it took to call my parents, they had gotten into the pantry, gotten the V-8 Fusion (orange) and bag of Doves chocoltes and took them back to their room. When I got in there, there was V-8 all over the middle of Emma’s bed, there were red Solo cups scattered throughout the room, and they had chocolate covering every inch of their bodies! Even Braxton had gotten in on the  mix and had chocolate running down his chin, down his chest, over his big ole belly, and into his diaper! I COULD NOT believe what I saw and just started crying. The girls thought it was funny… Needless to say, their Daddy did NOT find it funny when he walked in the door less than 30 seconds later!

They were told that nothing “special” would be happening for them that weekend. The cinnamon rolls that we had bought for a “special” breakfast.. NOPE.. Going to the park… NOPE.. They had to do whatever Greg and I wanted to do all weekend long. I’ll be telling you about the weekend in the next post, but I have to tell you some of the things Emma was saying throughout the weekend.

We were at Sams and we decided to eat. She looked at her Daddy and she was totally serious. This is how the conversation went…

E: Is ice cream special
G: Yes
E: Is skateboarding special?
G: Yes
E: Is climbing a mountain special?
G: If you liked climbing mountains, then YES that would be special too and you wouldn’t be doing it..


Oh, Greg also made the girls clean up their mess in their room. We stopped at Dollar Tree and bought each one of them a scrub brush, a thing of carpet cleaner, and some gloves. We thought it would be punishment, but Emma kept asking Greg, "When can we vacuum?" teehee

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  1. I chuckle now only bc I dont have kids but Im sure when and if my time comes Id be pulling my hair out and screaming if I walked in on my girls doing that. remember to just BREATH!!!!!!!!! & that tomorrow is a new day!!!